1. Navigate to your dashboard and click the "Send a Reward" button in the top right corner.

2. A dropdown will appear. Select  “Send a Reward” from the dropdown and move on to step 3 below. 

3. Type the recipient’s full name. By default, you will receive a copy of the PDF to give the recipient. If you'd like them to also receive a copy of the PDF to their email, input their email address. If not, you can leave the "email" field blank.


4. Select the checkbox next to “This Recipient needs a PDF for their reward". Click the "Continue" button when complete.

5. If you’d like to add a company tag to the reward, click on the ‘Company Tag’ field and select a tag from the list that appears. When you are done selecting tags, make sure to click "Apply" to save your tags. 

6. You’ll notice a field entitled ‘internal notes’. If there are any private notes that you want to add to the reward to reference in the future, you can do that here. 

7. Click the "Continue" button. 

8. Click the ‘Reward Page’ field to display available reward options. Select the page you’d like to send by clicking on it. Note: The number in the reward site naming convention should correspond with the value of the reward.

9. You can add a personal touch to your reward by adding a note in the ‘Personal Notes’ field. Here, you can add a thank you message that will be shown to the recipient. 

10. If you’d like, you can add a gif to the reward to make it more fun by clicking on the 'Choose a Gif' field. 

11. Select whether you'd like to send the reward now or on a future date. 

12. If you’d like to preview the reward that is sent to the recipient, click “Preview Reward”. 

13. Review the final details. If everything looks accurate, click the “Send” button.