1. From your reward page, scroll down and find the “Gift Card” category. Click the link. 

2. All gift cards that are available to you will be displayed here. Once you find a brand that interests you, click on the card.

3. Enter the email you’d like the gift card to be sent to and click “Continue”. 

4. If everything looks good, click “Place Order”. 

5. Within 24 hours of redeeming your gift card, you will receive an email that contains an activation link. NOTE: If you have not received this email, check your spam and promotions folders.

6. Click the activation link in the email and enter the secret code provided in the email.

7. A new page will populate with your virtual gift card. Make sure to save the virtual card so that you can either show your phone in-store or reference it when making a purchase online. 

8. Follow the instructions to use your gift card online or in-store!