The redemption code is called a "token" prior to being turned into a physical or virtual Visa card. 

Common Decline Reasons

  • Insufficient balance: Card was swiped more than the card balance (it should be swiped for the available balance or less)

  • Activation: Card was not activated

  • Incorrect PIN: The incorrect PIN was used for point of sale transactions (process without a PIN as credit)

  • Recurring Payments: Card was used for recurring payments

  • Gas Stations: Used at a gas station pump - you must go inside the station to use the card.

  • Gratuity: Some merchants (restaurants, hotels, spas, cruise lines, etc.) may seek an authorization above the purchase amount to cover gratuity, incidentals or other expenses. This could be 20% of the total bill. If your card balance is less than the authorization amount see Using Multiple forms of payment.

Multiple forms of payments

  • Use this card last so the amount swiped is the same or less than the card balance. 

Combining multiple Visa tokens

  • Wishlist can combine up to $500 in Wishlist rewards prior to the card being turned into a Visa token. If you wish to combine more, this can be done within your Digital Wallet through Visa. 

Banking Tokens

  • You can bank as many tokens in your digital wallet as you want. 

  • When you are ready to turn your tokens into a virtual or Physical Visa card, you can combined up to $1000 in value - A convenience fee of 5.00% of redemption total applies when combining tokens -- Total fees charged cannot be less than USD 1.00 or greater than USD 5.00. Avoid this fee by redeeming each code individually.

  • Any remaining tokens outside of that $1,000 can be banked together for another lump sum.

Expiration Date

Beginning March 1, 2020, our provider will implement a 60-day grace period for digital reissue requests. The process for digital reissues will occur as follows:

  • After expiration of the token, the provider will honor reissue requests for 60 days.
  • After 60 days, the token expiration will no longer be able to be extended.
  • If special handling needs arise after 60 days, Wishlist will work with our provider and follow an escalation path for exceptions.


  • This card can be used without EMV Technology (chip and PIN) by asking the merchant to swipe the card as credit. If the merchant refuses, report the problem at 

  • International Transaction Fee is 2%.